I did this piece at the legendary Belmont Tunnel in Los Angeles back in the 90s. The mile long tunnel was used by the city’s first subway system in the 1920s till the mid 1950s when it was closed down. Eventually it went through another phase of rebirth in the 1980s when it became known as the birth place of graffiti arts innovation and evolution in Los Angeles. Its a historical place where along side a dirty ghetto, close to some of the filthiest parts of the city… creativity flourished. Several movie scenes have been shot there including the final scene in the first Predator movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger where the predators spaceship comes flying out of the tunnel. Sunny days would bring out barbecues, kids playing soccer, mariachi bands and graffiti artists. Welcome to down town L.A. homes! Last I heard they cleaned it all up and built some condos there. I don’t feel bad… such is art and life… it comes and it goes. What you leave behind is just as important as what you cant take with you.