This and that media : Is it working?

Lets face it… all this multimedia, rich media, social media, not really sure if its working media… is often something companies do, simply because its the latest hip and hyped up thing their marketing directors have been told they should do. Heck, sometimes its just a matter of cronyism and some manager giving their friends new social media marketing start up some love. Whatever the case, it all inadvertently perpetuates the hyped up myth of the effectiveness of these products and services as some sort of Holy Grail marketing solutions in and of themselves. What I mean to suggest is that although there certainly can be advantages to properly executing a rich ‘new media’ campaign… Without the foundation of a pro to conceptualize and implement an intelligent cohesive strategy to leverage all the bits, you might as well just throw your money at the wind. At least then you can be sure at least some of it will come back to you.

It should be obvious, none of these products and services on their own do much of anything significant to improve a campaigns ROI out the box. They can’t drive traffic or sales without a cohesive strategy anymore than your sporty car isn’t gonna get anywhere without someone driving it. A painful, overlooked, and underestimated fact that exasperates the challenge is that like billboards and commercials… Almost no one (there are a few out there) wants more advertising as they cruise the web exploring their favorite destinations. …people don’t go to websites to engage with advertising. Imagine going on vacation to some eclectic village in a foreign country and seeing an advertisement directing you to a McDonald’s a few blocks away. You might totally have the urge to go for a cheese burger or yogurt parfait at that very moment, but as enticing as it may be you didn’t come here to eat McDonald’s. You’ve got better things to do. In this sort of a way… people don’t go to websites to engage with advertising. Generally speaking, depending on numerous factors, and with few exceptions… if you took a random pool of hundreds of campaigns and studied their analytic reports objectively, you’d see clearly that roughly 88-98% of people are virtually immune to advertising and simply don’t care. According to these numbers, your more than likely one of them (Be honest!). Out of the remaining 2-12% or so who might be curious enough to play a game, watch some video or check out some photos, only 0.1 – 0.5% (If your lucky or know what your doing) on average will actually visit your site, buy your product or give you their email and such. I’m being nice with these numbers which in part reflect the higher averages I know from personal experience to be possible, but time and time again the data over all blatantly screams ” Its not working! “.

Success is of course a relative matter of perspective and if these kind of average numbers get you excited… then your “winning!”. I call “Bullshit!”. This is not enough. The average results do not stand up to the hype! So where am I going with all this nuance of new media marketing complexity and the harsh, possibly irreconcilable reality that people just don’t like advertising? No where. I’m not offering any solutions (unless im getting paid for it anyway). Are there solutions to the essence of the issue at matter here anyway? Can we convince Eskimos to buy ice? … or sell a tourist in Italy on McDonald’s? Should we even try? …and why? …for what? Where are these better ‘social’, ‘rich’, marketing solutions getting us anyway?

Alas… this article makes a few useful technical and philosophical observations, but inadvertently can only end with no answers and the empty feeling that’s left behind when one sees how futile all the energy into the hype is. Poorly executed campaigns are waste of time and money no matter what tools you try to increase their effectiveness with. People don’t like advertising and just throwing shit at them and hoping it sticks doesn’t work.