Zen and the art of making a marker.

You have to check out this great site. “Intructables“. Its part of a larger community of makeshift scientists, inventors, thinkers and creative types that care to share some of their MacGyver inventions, experiments and even some handy solutions to life’s challenges. I posted an “instructable” on an old school way of making a marker from items you can find in your environment. There are many techniques that have evolved and continue to do so till this day. The knowledge of how to make guerrilla art (as with anything else) has been handed down from individuals and groups within the sub-culture to the next generation of aspiring artists. Its a tradition thats been going on since “cave men” doodled on walls. Street arts underlying raw approach is not just reflected in the art work itself, but the means to create it. Like any tradition, theres a sense that core intrinsic values must be preserved. When it comes to street art… the handing down of guerrilla methods is a lesson in independence from the way the world teaches you to look at things. How art is everywhere if you know how to see it and are willing to create it. Its the point where paper becomes an origami dragon… a broken down vacant building becomes a canvas… A waterfall a source of energy. Its a preliminary zen lesson on how to get “Out of the box” of your limited way of looking at things.

Check out the tutorial at intructables.com